3 popular penguins
- th constellations of philosophy
- high fidelity
- on the road

white superstars

I like both colours


http://idpet.com.au/toy-puppacino-606.html   > pls add personalisation w mr. peanutbutter

https://www.dogwisetraining.com.au/group-training > pay for adolescence classes, the guys name is Les he might remember me 

cool ty 

73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker

how long have you been in this neighbourhood?
i think its almost the 2nd year?

favourite season in new york city
idk i guess winter?

whats you fav activity in new york city

would you ever leave new york city
i want to go to new york city!!

would your 3 words to describe living in new york city
i dont know (lol)

whats ur fav movie
Top Hat

fav movie in the last 5 years
Gone Girl

fav Hitchcock film
i guess psycho

fav tv show which is currently on
adventure time

whats a book you plan on reading
Kafka on the shore

a book  you read in school which positively shaped you
I guess Lola Rose

a book you read in school you never think of
omg there was a weird electric train one, idk

on a scale of 1-10 how excited are you about life right now
2?  tbh

iphone or android

twitter or instag

vine or snapchat

who should everyone be following right now
miquelantoja on instag, he does food and its fucking amaze

what is the coolest thing in this room
I guess the sand i stole from witsummers island!! i smuggled it into my bikini bra, apparently its property of NASA

whats your fav downtown restaurant
Im assuming canley heights sooooo... i dont really have one but i guess vlounge?

whats your fav food
def 100% burgers

least fav food
i guess lamb shanks? never does anything for me and i always regret buying it

what do you love on your pizza

fav drink

fav dessert
i guess gelato- mainly greentea, choc mint or rainbow

dark choc or milk choc
dark choc w nuts

weirdest thing youve ever eaten
fish eye

whats the hardest part about being a mom
im not thank god

whats your fav band
tame impala (sorry beatles)

fav solo artist
Kendrick <3

fav lyrics
The only one who is really judging you is yourself, nobody else

if your life were a song, what would the title be?
Crazy (LOL)

if you can sing a duet with anyone who would it be
Amy Winehouse

if you could master one instrument what would it be

if you had a tattoo where would it be
shoulder blade

to be or not to be
not to be

whats Oprah like in person
no idea, wish i could meet her tho! <3

what number of question is this
no idea

dogs or cats

kittens or puppies

dolphins or koalas

bird watching or whale watching
Whale, i love watching water

whats your spirit animal
honestly, i think an elephant

best gift youve ever received
my lipstick knife from bobs. sure its useless but such a surprise like legit, ive always wanted one, its so signature to our friendship

last gift you gave a friend
code names for collin :D

person you wanna have coffee with
Richard Ayoade

historical figure you would love to have coffee with
Frida Kharlo

how do you like your coffee
Cap, half sugar if too bitter

can i play a note on this piano
um okie....???

whats your fav curse word

whats ur fav board game
thats hard, but i guess....... Small World, its a solid game

whats ur fav country to visit
ive only been to cambodia but i dont remember it at all, so i guess australia?

whats the last country you have visited

whats a country you wish to visit
i wish i could visit greece from its reviews from friends

what to you see in this image
2 ballerinas

can you write your fav word that starts and ends in the same vowel

whats your fav colour
tteallllll i love teal its so vivid, its like sex for my eyes

least fav colour
Hot Pink

what colour dress did you wear to your prom
i wore a cream and black dress made by sues mum

diamonds or pearls
diamonds fo sho

cheap shampoo or expensive
i just use normal brands

blow dry or air dry
blow dry

heels or flats
flats, but if i could wear heels i would choose heels

can you give an impersonation of someone
i can do a good zooey deschanel character jessica from awkward

can you do the same impersonation in a british accent
yes i am pretty sure i could

whats the fav constellation
i guess the souther cross hahaha

what colour dress should i get my girlfriend

pilates or yoga

jogging or swimming

best way to decompress
chilling w friends

one superpower what would it be
shape shifting

describe an experience you felt most nervous
every morning of PRAC

whats the weirdest word in the english language

is this the strangest interview you have ever had
i guess

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here are some images of women that i want to look like! i love their clothes and their chill attitude. i really wanna just be chill and comfortable 

izzy bizu

jessie andrews

Princess Nokia