south east asia






i miss travelling so much
i have so many fond memories of travelling when i was doing yoga yesterday

i remembered a bunch of little memories that made me so happy

i wish i was back there

doing everything again 

i just want to be somewhere new again 

i really adored everything about everywhere, im so sad im not there but glad a lived it


this list is mainly for andrew lel

Femme Pendant in Gold PRE SALE
im pre sure they are getting more in stock (i emailed them lel) 

Woman Vase Small
black or white is fine 

Status Anxiety - Anti-Heroine

size L

size 10

i want just "Mars"& gold not choker, and not too long thx

colour: spanked

a gift card to glassons?

size 10


dolly girl store at parra, around dymocks $35 size 8 

okie bye


i love music 

i was thinking about how much i loved it

then i started to listen to songs that i listened over 5 years ago (wow!!!) 

i was listening to the last shadow puppets and somehow got to lianne la havas 

and all i remember from this song is crying

i remember i was really emotional and i was listening to her album and this song came on and i burst into tears, i put the song on repeat until i cried myself dry

now this songs reminds me of how i feel when i finish crying

that intense release of feeling

the stillness

the emptiness inside of you. like everything inside you was poured out and you are now a shell, waiting to be refilled

its very comforting 

i love crying